Basic Techniques Lighting in Photography

Lighting plays an important role in photography. This can give the impression of life, producing effects, including a spectacular shadows or silhouettes, or may have a negative effect which is obviously not desirable, creating glare or reflections.
The first section addresses one of the most fundamental issues, namely the difference between shooting with hard light and soft Light.
Hard light produces a good picture definition, shadows and tend to come from a single light source, which is usually a source of small or far away. In contrast, soft light produces soft shadows or no shadows at all. It can be produced from several sources of light, the light that spreads using some kind of a barrier (such as a diffuser or even just a piece of paper), or by bouncing light from different surfaces so that the subject is exposed to light from different angles.

Under conditions of natural lighting, Hard light is produced when the sunny weather when there is little or no cloud at all, and when the sun is high – which is generally something to be avoided, especially for beginners. Shooting at other weather conditions, such as cloudy, foggy conditions, or even where there is air pollution, will produce soft light, where sunlight is reflected or transmitted by the particles in the air (humidity, pollution, etc).
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Understanding Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR Camera or better known as DSLR Camera stands for digital single-lens reflex, digital camera basically uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder or viewfinder on the back of the camera. DSLR cameras are used primarily by professional photographers because they still allow an accurate preview of framing close to the moment of exposure and also to the larger sensor.
Sensor similar to film cameras are now widely reused. The sensor allows to measure the depth of field or the term depth of field and picture angle similar to a traditional film camera. This camera will also have a lot in common with professional film cameras.
Most, digital SLR cameras have a video mode 1080HD. Today, digital cameras are often used in short films, and even used in some Hollywood movies. One of the most popular on digital SLR cameras is that the camera can shoot in 24p mode and 1080HD. Which is the same mode that is used in most Hollywood movies. Most people buy these cameras to record to make it look like film.
One of the most popular digital cameras is the Canon T2i / 550D. Others are Canon 5d, 7d, 60D, Nikon D5000 and more. Now you can find a lot of beginners who make movies look great with a basic digital camera which costs a minimum. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between primary and Canon T2i Hollywood a very expensive equipment.
The main design principles of this camera are: 4-element lens, a mirror reflex mirror, focal-plane shutter, image sensors, Matte focusing screen, Condenser lens, pentaprism, and Eyepiece. Continue reading “Understanding Digital SLR Cameras”

5 Things That Make A Photo Being Fabulous

As a photographer, it’s important to know what makes a photograph become great. Just have a camera and expensive tools that will not be enough. Knowing what to look for and hone feeling in certain things can help you capture an image that is truly unique, personal, and moment.

Here are 5 things that make a photo of a great
The composition should be the first thing you consider when taking a picture. Composition can actually create or destroy an image. There are some images that seem boring and unremarkable until you change the composition.
Sometimes all it takes is to see your subject from different angles. Try to take a picture from above them and shoot down. Or maybe instead, you have to shoot from the ground and shoot up. Sometimes a change where the focus is on the photos can make a difference too. As the focus in the ring with his partner as the background out of focus.
Story Telling
I think personally, this is an important – though not everyone did. I think the best picture tells the story of the people in it. Now this might be some sort of artistic creation can be very cool, like creating a picture of a fairy tale with people wearing costumes.
Or maybe a close-up of two elderly couples who are handful . Telling the story of the people in the photos can add a new level of depth and meaning to your overall image. Continue reading “5 Things That Make A Photo Being Fabulous”

Basics of ISO and the Effect on Results Photos

First of all, what is ISO?. ISO stands for International Standards Organization, formerly the American Standards Association or better known as ASA, is a term dating back to film photography. Basically, everyone wants to play the same movie so technically you could buy one brand of film with a speed of 200 and buy another brand with the same ISO and get the same results anyway. Speed refers to how long it takes the film to process images in front of him.
Photography in the digital camera has made a new twist on all of this. First if you shoot outdoor and indoor switch to, you have to replace the type of film you use. Now, with digital photography you simply press a few buttons and you’re ready with a new ISO settings.
Speed refers to the sensitivity of the film. Chemicals in high-speed movies will react more quickly and thus require less time the shutter is open for taking photos. This is great if you’re photographing sporting events or take pictures in low light conditions, but there is a slight problem. Chemical compounds on the film will make it rough or what is now commonly referred to as “noise”. This film works well in a particular photo, in the dark or foggy and you want to create a certain atmosphere, but on a sunny day where you might want a sharp image, you would use a low speed. Continue reading “Basics of ISO and the Effect on Results Photos”

Positive Health Effects Of Friendship

It is important to maintain the body’s health. Some factors that you may already know that can be a hindrance and reduced immune system such as stress, insomnia, smoking, eating habits, lack of exercise and other medical conditions.

Not only that, because it was an argument with your partner can also lower your immune system. But do not worry, because there are some things that can help you to maintain immunity.


A study was made some time ago stating that people who have good relationships such as friendship at home, at work and in the community more rarely sick. They are often anxious, life is shorter than they were friendly. So do not allow anything to win the friendship that you have, because that asset for life.

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Sports Can Cause Tear Hymen

For most women, virginity is a treasure that must be preserved as possible. In addition, many women who just want to give her virginity to her husband as a beautiful gift.

There are many women who think that if the hymen has been torn then he already lost my virginity, but it is not like that fact. Because exercise and weight training can also make a torn hymen.

The hymen is a thin tissue that covers the vaginal canal. Membrane will usually torn when women have sex for the first time, even masturbation can cause tearing of the hymen. Tearing of the hymen is characterized by mild bleeding and pain.

The hymen play an important role in sexual relations, because the hymen is strictly considered more enjoyable for him. However, there are some imperfect hymen. If you are an athlete or a lot of exercise, the hymen can be stretched.
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Note Food After Drinking Drugs

Health is certainly expensive it is. There is no single person who wants to hurt, which is why a healthy lifestyle is recommended. But with the weather in tropical countries is often capricious, the disease was often approached your body. Thus consuming the drug becomes the most powerful way to ease it.

Food was able to influence the efficacy of the drug when you eat after taking the medicine. The content of both can react in the body and cause side effects, it can even endanger your life as well. Reported by the Huffington Post, here are some foods you should avoid if you are taking any medications.

When you’re made of quinolone antibiotics, avoid food and drinks that are rich in calcium such as milk. Because the body’s ability to absorb the drug to be disturbed. Quinolone antibiotic with a popular and commonly used drugs for diseases such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

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