Tips on How to Take Care Cameras and Lenses To More Sustainable

Digital cameras as well as other consumer electronic goods, requiring extra care. They have sensitive components that can be easily damaged if we are careless hold. Here are some practical things that the camera and lens you are more durable:
Unless your camera or lens is clearly stated waterproof or weather sealed, keep them away from water and wet. Water can cause internal moisture inside the camera and can make faulty internal components. Weather sealed camera also does not mean you can put it into the water.
Lithium-ion batteries typically last in 500 recharge cycles before works begin to shrink, when it’s time do not be surprised if it’s requested change. Dispose of waste batteries special place (although we never waste management separates Whatever type of waste).
Always keep the lens clean. When cleaning the lens, do not spray the cleaner directly to the lens, used to spray a little microfiber cloth and wipe the new microfiber cloth to the lens. You can buy microfiber cloth in large supermarkets.
Turn off the camera before removing the battery or memory card, and when you plug it into the computer, the camera has a computer in it and may not withstand sudden changes in electrical current.
Strap camera is the camera you do not easily fall by accident, if it feels uncomfortable wearing strap luggage, buy a more comfortable.
Avoid leaving the camera in the car for a long time, especially if the car exposed to direct solar heat. The camera has a temperature range of safe and accumulation of heat in the car at risk of exceeding the range earlier. Continue reading “Tips on How to Take Care Cameras and Lenses To More Sustainable”

Edit Photos Directly In DSLR cameras: What are the function

Most of us make the process of editing and retouch photos just on the computer, but for those of you who do not yet understand Photoshop or Lightroom, DSLR cameras are also equipped with the ability to edit the image by the camera manufacturer. Although not as advanced picture processing capability photoshop or Lightroom and is not recommended, in-camera photo editing features provide benefits when we really do not have time to sit for long staring at photoshop. The images that have been edited in the camera mercifully kept separately in addition to the original photo, so retouch photos on the camera is not at risk of damaging the original photo.
Here are some functions retouch and edit photos on the average DSLR camera (for this article by Nikon, but you can find similar features on camera DSLR else though different names):

Unless you are the kind of premium lenses are expensive, most likely you will have the image distortion in it. Distortion is faintly visible, but as soon as we capture images of objects which have a lot of elements of a straight line, would be very noticeable distortion (distortion makes straight line looks bent). Using Distortion Control feature on the camera, the camera will minimize the appearance of distortion in an image. See the picture below:
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How Shutter Button Pressed

Pressing the button may sound trivial, but for a beginner who just has a camera, of course there are things to know, because when you pressed the shutter button the camera working properly then it would be optimal. You should know is that the way the shutter button pressed determines how the camera do the metering and autofocus.

Point the camera to the object you are photographing will then push the shutter down, but do not push it down, Click here roughly halfway through first without your finger off the button. You will feel that there is a subtle boundary that says “oh, stop here first, yes, I want ya thinking moment”. With a minute to stop in the middle of the street, you give time for the camera to autofocus mechanism images of objects, find the focal point and then lock the focus.

Once the focus is locked, the camera will confirm that he has been able to focus and usually tell us where the next focus point locked to display the bright little box (both in the viewfinder – DSLR or LCD – Pocket Camera). Throughout the focal point was already in place as you want, the camera autofocus is done correctly. is you can also rearrange the composition, shifting a bit angle shooting while the camera continues to lock the focus. Currently, the camera will also make the process of metering the incoming object image frame.
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What Is a mirrorless camera

Aka mirrorless camera mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (MILC) or Without Mirror Camera With Lens That Can Replace-change (what’s that acronym in Indonesian?) Alias alias Electronics Compact System Camera with Interchangeable Lens Viewfinder (EVIL)-duh term loads – is one class of digital camera systems began to rise in popularity since it first emerged around 2008. The short answer to the question “What is the mirrorless camera?” Is a DSLR-like camera but do not wear makeup. Now for the long answer, please read more.
Not long ago the classic question, “What camera should I buy? ‘Has a relatively simple answer but have severe consequences: like a DSLR camera or pocket camera?. If priority is the quality of the best photo, speed and full manual control, the choice DSLR camera. Meanwhile, if our priority is the size of a small, light, easy to use, affordable price then the choice fell to sacrifice quality pocket camera with a sizable photo.
The middle way is also trying raised by camera manufacturers to grade superzoom cameras, superzoom cameras although still far from ideal for a middle road cameras given the small size of the sensor. You can read more differences DSLR Camera, Pocket Camera and Camera superzoom here. Continue reading “What Is a mirrorless camera”

LCD Screen Digital Camera? Anything You Need to Know

Aka LDC screen LCD screen on the back of a good digital camera DSLR, mirrorless or compact cameras increasingly important. It is important for us to interact with him a lot when shooting. Even for mirrorless cameras or compact cameras, the LCD screen has a vital role because some of them most are not equipped with an optical viewfinder.

Given the important role of the on camera LCD screen, here are some of the most important features that should be owned by the LCD screen, especially when you know you want to buy a camera:

How Big Size LCD Screen it?
It is important that the LCD screen has a size that is not very small, the current range of the optimal size of the LCD screen is about 2 – 3.5 inches (measured diagonally).
How The Light and How Clear As We See it during the day?
The more light the better LCD because it allows us to see under the sun. LCD screen with backlit kind transfelctive using a combination of ambient and reflected light to display an image that is clear though day. If you do a lot of outdoor shooting features are very important. Continue reading “LCD Screen Digital Camera? Anything You Need to Know”

Type of Camera Lens

Choosing a camera lens requires knowledge and experience with different types of camera lenses. Although knowing which lenses work well in certain conditions is important, a photographer also chose a specific lens to produce a specific photographic effect. Light, composition and subject of photographers shooting all influence in choosing a lens.

Wide-Angle Lens
Although some will take landscape pictures with telephoto lenses, most photographers would choose wide-angle lens. Because the Wide-Angle Lens has a wider field of vision of the human eye, it can take a wide angle. therefore, Lens Wide-Angle lens is one of the most preferred landscape camera.
Zoom Lens
A zoom lens allows photographers to extend or shorten the focal length of the lens to increase or decrease the magnification of the subject. This feature makes the camera zoom lens into a very popular accessories in many types of photography. However, because the zoom lens has a small hole or the more popular with the aperture, this lens is not suitable for taking pictures in low light conditions. Continue reading “Type of Camera Lens”

Tips on Buying a New Digital Camera

With today’s technology is always changing and developing new digital cameras with high-tech, you might really want to buy a new digital camera.
In fact, digital cameras offer a variety of capabilities and have several advantages over standard film-based cameras. In this post, we will talk about tips looking for the best camera to buy.
When looking for a new digital camera, it is best to start thinking about how often you will use the camera, as well as the type of image you want. Digital cameras can be found at varying prices, there are some specifications to be taken into account when trying to determine the best and most cameras will affect the quality of digital images captured by the camera. For example, always look at an image resolution of a camera. A digital camera resolution is measured by the number of pixels in each photo in it.
Pixels are square microscopic forms a small part of the digital images and many digital cameras is measured in mega-pixels, which means one million pixels. The average of a camera can capture images usually from 3 to 12 mega-pixels, some even more. Continue reading “Tips on Buying a New Digital Camera”

Basic Concepts Photography

Most of us is not a professional photographer, but a lot of us though but very serious amateurs engaged in it. Gradually, we will realize that there are more things to consider than just taking a picture.
In fact, a serious photographer in the hobby to learn about things like lighting or lighting, exposure, composition and camera angle or angles camera, and several other terms.
Here are some basic concepts in photography
Lighting and Exposure
Did you ever take pictures in very bright or dark so could not see the object? I’m sure you would’ve been there. Well, here we have to realize how important proper lighting and exposure in photography. Do not let the photos we take the results will be too over or under too, because it will be difficult for us later in the editing.
The composition and camera angle or the Camera Angle
Another basic principle in photography is composition, or a technical subject in the frame camera settings. The precise composition of an image capture is directly related to the angle at which the photographer took the picture page.
With certain camera angles and composition right, a picture can be interesting in the eyes of the beholder, add meaning to the picture. Continue reading “Basic Concepts Photography”

Lens Nikon 300mm f / 4 Reviews

Nikon 300mm f4 lens is a professional super-telephoto lenses are very attractive to own. Nikon products known for high performance telephoto lens and the reason that this is the first brand to look for when buying a new lens. Nikon lens comes with standard features such as internal technology focus, do not drain the battery when using the manual focus camera and a one year warranty.
Nikon 300mm f4 lens construction consists of eight elements in six groups, and designed with Nikon F-Bayonet Mount System. This lens has a minimum 0.27x magnification, a built-in lens hood and provide perspective about eight degrees. Coverage opening is from f / 4 to f / 22 and a minimum focus distance of about 15 cm. Length is about 21.8 cm long, 8.8 cm in maximum diameter and weighs approximately 0:48 kg.
Nikon lens is very stable when the focus as Silent Wave Motor technology and fast focus. With his ability, Nikon lens is capable of capturing sporting events, nature photography and other types of on-the-go. Nikon Super Integrated Coating is claimed to provide superior optical performance while reducing instances of lens flare. Continue reading “Lens Nikon 300mm f / 4 Reviews”

How Shutter Speed and Aperture Affect results Photos

Today photography has been flooded with so much automation, so that words such as shutter speed, aperture and the likes have almost extinct. A lot of photographic equipment on the market that can be used without any special skills. For those who want to understand photography well, it is important to know how the main parts of an SLR camera based on the camera work.
Professional photographers will not let the camera determine the exposure photos, but instead, they will adjust the shutter speed, aperture and lighting appropriate to determine the final exposure. Without making this adjustment, the camera usually just use the default settings that produce intermediate colors.
Shutter speed
Shutter is a sort of cover that is positioned in the camera body and open, allowing light to reach both film (analog cameras) or light sensor (digital camera) from the lens. shutter speed is the amount of time it takes the shutter to open and close.
Usually time is measured in fractions of a second, then the numbers may appear is 1/500 or 500 to represent 500 per second. Shutter speed has a large effect on the sharpness of the image and usually the higher the shutter speed, the image will be sharp.
To get the good shots, the right amount of light to reach the sensor or film, and this is only the shutter speed will allow the right amount of light to capture moving objects clearly. Continue reading “How Shutter Speed and Aperture Affect results Photos”