Fat mom Risk In Children

This study aims to prevent obesity in children from an early age, at which time the child’s tendency to overweight is increasing. Obesity prevention should begin with or even before a child is born.

Mothers who are overweight during pregnancy, are at increased risk for overweight children as well. The obesity risk increased by two-fold and look at the time a child reaches school age.

Of 8,000 preschool children studied, more than 30 percent of the children had mothers who are overweight at the time of the first trimester of pregnancy. At the time of the child’s age 4 years, nearly 1 of every 4 children born to mothers who are obese, compared with less than 1 in 10 children born to mothers who are not overweight.

Relationship between obese mothers with obesity in children, possibly due to genes inherited obesity in mothers to their children. Another possibility, since the mother is obese will affect the development of the fetus in the womb. In addition, the mother will give the wrong diet and lack of physical activity that makes kids obese.

Appropriate toys for the Grassroots

Toys do not need too much, because it will take away their chance for a moment to focus on one thing. That’s why it’s wise to toys given to children in accordance with the needs of the child in developing his abilities. Among others:

13 to 15 months
Telephone toys, cups and bases, toy that can be pulled or pushed.

16 to 18 months
Sandboxes, play simple musical instruments like drums and drumming, balloons and soap.

19 to 21 months
Rocking horses, dolls that can be disassembled and reassembled, rubber balls, toys for digging, large size crayons, puzzles are simple, clay or wax. Continue reading “Appropriate toys for the Grassroots”

How Long Will Survive Mother Antibodies in Infants?

Generally not long. But it’s not a big deal. The tiny baby is now able to produce its own antibodies. Period after birth is a period where he had to build his own body resistance. He could no longer depend on her.

The digestive system is one of the weak points of the baby since she has not been able to produce IgA is well able to withstand the attacks of germs. Once again the mother will come help. Mom would give Colostrum (milk that comes out on the first days after birth) were filled with IgA. This supply will continue to come baby when he gets milk from his mother.

However, the body’s defense system is still not too strong. Because of that, he needs to be introduced with germs via a secure way. This is the reason why immunization should be carried out.

Immunizations given to infants so that he can avoid the various diseases that can lead to disability and even death. Infants are immunized still may be exposed to diseases (related to immunizations given), but when exposed, the disease generally occurs will be lighter and faster recovery.

Not All Children Equal …

Growth and development in children 1 to 2 years is unique, because every child has the time-table of his own. Each child has their own pace.

Every child is born with a different genetic make-up and brought up in different situations. Including if they are twins though. Therefore, it’s not unusual if they grow up with a lot of differences when they were toddlers. In 1 to 2 years of age, most children learn to walk, talk, solve problems, relate to others, and so on. In that case they will demonstrate its uniqueness compared to other children. For instance, there are children who can not run smoothly, and has a vocabulary which is low compared with other children, but he has outstanding ability in dealing with others.

The following characteristics of growth and development of children aged 2 years (but not necessarily pegged on this list, because every child has the uniqueness of each):
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Breastfed children more resistant

Evidence that breastfed babies are more resistant certain infections than formula milk can not be denied again. Especially in the ASI also found a variety of specific antibodies that can fight bacteria and viruses that often attacks the baby’s respiratory tract and intestines. From these discoveries, then connect the breastfeeding infant immunity against infection.

Of the research contained in the pediatric journal in 1993, proved that exclusive breastfeeding at least the first 4 months, infants can reduce the chances of developing gastrointestinal infections (such as diarrhea), respiratory tract infections, as well as telinga.Hal tract infection that causes milk to make baby more resistant infectious diseases:

These antibodies are found in breast milk. The highest concentration found dikolostrum (weaned out in 3 to 5 days after the baby’s life). Immunoglobulins that protect babies from infection ear, nose and throat that can still be found in breast milk until the age of one year.
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In order for Babies Healthy and Smart

Want your child grow up healthy and smart? Prepare the nutritional status of children from the time of your pregnancy. Good nutrition is certainly instrumental in achieving optimal body growth. This growing body of optimal brain growth also includes the crucial intelligence.

Period of brain growth is the fastest in the final trimester when the fetus is in the womb, until the baby is 18 months old. After that the brain is still growing at a rate of diminishing until the age of 5 years. Therefore, the age of the children is extremely vulnerable to malnutrition conditions. Recent research showed, improper feeding during the per-over can cause malnutrition.

Results of research conducted on children in Asia shows that growth reduction (weak, susceptible to infection) increased during the sapling, from age 6 to 18 months. Sapling complete meal should contain solid or semi-solid food and milk should contain to meet the caloric needs, as well as the complete protein needs.

Basically, as we age the child is, the variety of food provided should be nutritionally complete and balanced. Important role these nutrients to support the growth and development of children, including for intelligence support. In terms of the pattern of food consumption, parents have a very important role in choosing the type of a nutritionally balanced diet. Continue reading “In order for Babies Healthy and Smart”

Create a Little Shopping

Small presence in the midst of a family is a long-awaited moment and happy. In attendance are many things waiting to be prepared, among which are baby care supplies.

Highly recommended you already preparing gear for the little one a few months before he was born, when you still feel fresh and have the energy to do so. Do not be easily persuaded by ads that offer a variety of products, because not all of the goods on offer suitable for your baby needs. Look around first, do not jump to buy.

If you have limited funds, try to be able to borrow from the baby gear your close relatives or friends who have never had children and did not need it again in the near future. Because usually supplies such as baskets and bedding for baby stroller only used in a fairly short time, so the situation is still good. Ask parents, relatives and friends about the equipment they have and are still needed for your baby. Especially also the equipment they have, but never used. Here is a list of equipment you need to have:
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Breastfeeding for mother and child

Benefits of breast milk (ASI) for the baby instead of things that need to be questioned again. But breast-feeding also appeared to bring benefits to the mother. What benefits can be given breast milk for mothers and children?

The benefits of breastfeeding for children include:

Complete nutritional needs and optimal infant development
Provide protection against a variety of statement,
Reduce the risk of allergy in infants with a family history of allergy
Breast milk can be drunk at any time (no waiting)
ASI enhance optimal brain development
Suckle directly from the mother’s nipples will make development of the jaws and teeth are good
Proximity to the mother will be developed
The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother include:
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To Everywhere Together, Is Love Child?

Children only familiar with his person of the opposite sex. Where there is Adi (3 years), there must be a Ira (3 years) … Even the stingy Adi, always lend toys to Ria. Could it be that the child fell in love with the opposite sex in the age that is still too early?

According to experts, when the child was 2 years old, she understands that her parents not you do anything for their welfare, and it made him feel happy, satisfied, and comfortable. Complacency is what they call â €?? Cintaâ €??. When they turned 3 years old, children begin to understand the discipline imposed parents is a sign of love. And the perception right. By applying the security boundaries and not letting them lose control, parents actually prove that they are protecting the middle child from harm and reduce fearful emotions experienced by children. When they are 4 years old, children begin to feel that in addition to hugs and caresses, love can also be expressed in words. The parents are supposed to express the love through words.

If your child behaves like Adi and Ira, probably crossed your mind, that the child is in love? According to experts, children are able to distinguish between the love for her parents and the love that exists between parents. Children are also aware of their romantic feelings toward others. They can be attracted to other people and express them by mimicking their parents express love to each other. At that moment, they began to act against the couple, mainrumah-home, pretending to be married. Such relationships expressing pure feelings of children. Love the new monkey will appear at children aged 6 to 7 years. Continue reading “To Everywhere Together, Is Love Child?”

Further to know about breastfeeding and Benefits

Further to know about breastfeeding and BenefitsBreast milk is the most easily digested food baby. Although it is very rich in nutrients, breast milk is easily digested by the baby’s digestive system is still vulnerable. Therefore infant expends less energy on digestion, so that he can use other energy he has for other bodily functions, such as growth and organ development.

The milk of mothers who have had premature babies contains higher levels of fat, protein, sodium, chloride, and iron. Based on the research it is known that the function of the eye in premature infants who were breastfed function better. And the premature babies have a better level of intelligence.

Omega-3 oils are natural and perfect, and alpha linoleic acid contained in milk, is the reason why breast milk is needed for the development of the baby, especially a newborn. Oil omega-3 alpha linolenic acid is an essential substance for the human brain and retina.

Omega-3 is very important consumed by you during pregnancy and in the early stages of baby’s age in order to develop the brain and nervous normal. Continue reading “Further to know about breastfeeding and Benefits”