5 Considerations Before Buying a DSLR Camera

Choosing a digital SLR camera (DSLR) is appropriate is a matter for its own quaint with a flood of brands and types of cameras on the market. Currently (Nov 2009) there are at least 10 camera manufacturers (Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma and Sony) and a total of about 40 types of DSLR.
We will try to parse some non-technical factors that should be taken into consideration before making your choices SLR cameras to be purchased:
If my dad gave legacy lenses
Yes, if your father gives legacy lenses from the film era, this could change the decision. Some digital SLR cameras compatible with the current fixed lens autofocus camera era film. Digital DSLR brands Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Minolta (now Sony) will be compatible with lenses that cater for their autofocus SLR camera in the film era. Bring that old lens to a camera shop to ensure compatibility with the camera to be purchased.
The camera is often used friends – friends?
The camera is often used friends – friends can influence our decisions. If your friends often use the Canon, for example, buy a Canon. If they use Nikon, buy Nikon. This will help us in the case of “borrowing free lens.” A basic tricks to try, but it’s better if the term was changed to “exchanging lenses.” So we do not just knee capital.
Ease in servicing and after-sales
Try as much as possible you buy a camera from a local store in your town, if not try to buy from the nearest town. When the camera need servicing or cleaning the sensor, for example, the service will be faster than should be sent via parcel etc.. In addition, we may be allowed to borrow free available backup camera while the camera stores serviced (due to camera service usually takes quite a long time). It is sometimes more important than the price difference is not too much. Also worth considering is how well the reputation of a camera manufacturer serving customers complaints.
What is our budget
Budget is an important factor in deciding which camera to buy. Reconcile the one with the money, building a DSLR system requires not only a camera, but the lens and some other important accessories (photo processing software, computers, tripods, filters, flash, camera bag, battery backup, etc.). If there $ .2000, not all of them spent wisely if cameras only. Building a digital SLR system is a long road that could drain the contents of the bag if not disciplined budget. There is a suggestion from a senior photographer that has a quality lens makes our pictures better than if you have a nice camera, but the lens ugly.
How serious you

Important asked is how seriously you want to plunge into the world of photography. If from the beginning you want to jump into photography seriously, do not be far away – far away from Nikon or Canon. These producers are the masters DSLR camera market. Eight of the 10 SLR camera has a Canon or Nikon logo on its body (each about 40%). why do they get all that dominant? the answer is because they are too serious. Pro photographers in time would require special lenses or accessories to meet the needs of working. Flash specialized macro or 600mm lens with a stabilizer for instance, Nikon and Canon provides a wide range of accessories that can meet our needs, and more importantly its stock available in our city . Different if we did not have a claim “crazy”, I think one of the 9 brands above will be able to meet our needs.
So Canon, Nikon or other brands? ah … do not start !