Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Maybe enough people who do not understand that impaired urinary tract is not necessarily related to sexually transmitted diseases, but can also affect children.

Urinary tract infections in children often escape the attention of parents, especially in infants under one year, because the signs are difficult to identify. Usually the baby just keeps crying and loss of appetite. Signs can be seen more clearly from the habit of crying in pain every time you urinate. Appear frequently and easily recognizable is the redness around the genital and urinary hole looks swollen. Other symptoms can be characterized from the stagnant urine, cloudy urine color and smell of urine more pungent than usual. Continue reading “Urinary Tract Infection in Children”

When Kids Need to Go To Doctor?

As we all know, kids will always move endlessly, as if the energy is there in his body will never run out. This tremendous activity, can invite danger, especially child is often not careful in doing any activity. Never take into account the dangers that may threaten. So it is not uncommon, it causes the baby we often injured, either because of a fall, scratches, spills and so forth.

Does every child should be taken to a doctor hurt? If not, what kind of injuries that require treatment from a doctor? Here are a few pointers that may help parents to determine when the baby should be taken to the doctor.

Bloody Serious Wounds
Children are often injured and bleeding. If the bleeding can not be stopped or the wound may be infected or dirty and it also cuts on the face or genital area, then you should immediately take the child to the hospital.
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Stool color Babies And Causes

Infant feces or stool is generally distinguished by its color. Based on various color stool, we can detect whether the baby’s digestive system is normal or impaired.

Newborn baby stool is shaped like a soft asphalt, after the clotted like jelly, solid, seed, and can be fluid. As for the babies who were breastfed by his mother, would have a stool-shaped pasta or creams, seeds, and liquid like diarrhea

Frequency of bowel movements in every baby is different, especially in the fourth or fifth week at the beginning of his birth in the world, a baby can defecate 5 times a day. As for the babies who are breastfed, no bowel movement every day. Usually can reach 4 to 7 days.

Yellow stool is normal for babies stool color. If the baby is breastfed in total, without any mixture of other milk, feces produced will be the dominant color yellow (brighter).
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Children’s Height

Babies generally have a normal body weight between 2500 to 3000 grams, with a body length of between 48 to 50 cm. Furthermore, the growth of the baby’s height and weight will not be the same. According to a doctor from the Division of Endocrinology, growth is divided into three phases.

First, starting from birth until he was three years old. In the first year, increasing height reaches 1, 5 times the length of birth. The age of two years, the average child grow as much as 6 to 10 cm per year. The second stage is the stage of the children who will end when the child enters puberty (age 6 to 12 years). At this stage the child reaches the height of the addition of 5 to 7 cm per year. In this stage the child will look elongated, care, and his stomach was not bloated anymore. The last stage is the stage of puberty (12 to 18 years) with a marked acceleration in growth due to the influence of sex hormones. Adolescent height growth will accelerate quickly, and then slowly to a halt. In girls whose puberty occurs earlier, his height will reach 8 cm per year. While the boys will reach 10 cm per year. When this stage ends, the end was the child’s growth process.
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Improve Psychic Abilities Children

Area of ​​the brain is the most important area that should be protected from injury or certain diseases that attack. What to do? Protection what can she give?

Look out! Protect your child’s brain:

Avoid measles. Although visible light, the disease may be the leading cause of children’s learning difficulties, personality disorders and even mental retardation behavior.
Take care and give children routine vaccinations are necessary.
Help prevent accidents that could injure a child’s brain. Up and down stairs, up and up to the table, traveling with a vehicle without securing the child, etc..
Protect children from toxins that damage the brain. For example, lead, which is often found in paints, toys, paper, household items, pencils, etc. Continue reading “Improve Psychic Abilities Children”

Cholesterol In Children

Usually parents rarely think about their cholesterol levels in children. Whereas high levels of cholesterol in children can lead to heart disease and stroke as young adults.

High levels of cholesterol in childhood is rarely reported as one of the health problems. Problems associated with high cholesterol levels are also rarely discussed until now, so the link between children’s health and cholesterol are often overlooked. Yet efforts to control cholesterol levels in children is a very important thing, especially for those whose parents have high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is a fat that is produced in the liver and used by the body to form cell walls and some specific hormones. Cholesterol can not work alone in the body, because it? should join the protein to be able to move the blood circulation. Cholesterol and protein will work together and called lipoproteins.
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Is Your Little Malnutrition?

Nutritional deficiencies can be experienced by everyone, both babies to adults. However infants, toddlers, and children bear the heaviest effects.

Malnutrition is a condition in which the nutrients required for the growth process are not fulfilled. Malnutrition can occur both in children who are starving, or in children who do not consume enough food if the food with appropriate nutrition.

Is your child malnutrition? You can learn the physical signs. The more severe levels of malnutrition experienced by the child, the more health problems they experienced as well. Physical signs in children suffering from malnutrition are:

Susceptible to infectious diseases, due to the low immune
For dry and rough skin scaly
bleeding gums Continue reading “Is Your Little Malnutrition?”

Questions Kids About Sex

Openness parents in talking about sex will encourage children to respond in the form of a question. Well, be prepared to answer their questions honestly and scientifically.

Quite often posed questions about the child sex confuse parents. Parents usually panic or scold him directly by saying that the question is inappropriate. It’s good if we as parents can respond more intelligently. Listen to the child’s questions and give the right answers, if necessary insert moral messages in them. Appropriate information will be fences to control a child’s curiosity about sex.

What sex was, whether the same sex?

Suggested answer: Sex means vary, depending on where we understand it. Sex can mean sex, men and women. Sex can also be defined as the study of the reproductive organs. Sex does not always have to mean sexual intercourse. Sex intercourse itself is performed by men and women who are bound in a marriage.
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Overcoming Eating Difficult Child

The little that is difficult to eat, it will make Mom dizzy. Because if it lasts a long time, it will affect the growth and development of children. Therefore, try some of the following ways. Hopefully the problem can be quickly resolved.

Note the feeding schedule. Make sure not too close to the time of drinking milk, juice, snacks and main meals. The food is more easily given if he was hungry.
Vary your baby’s menu with a collection of various recipes. See his reaction. If there is a favorite recipe, mark immediately in order to give her more often.
Replace dining atmosphere, for example, he usually ate in the dining room or play room, take it out of the house, sitting in the garden or eating together peers.
Choose cutlery are varied and cute with bright colors Try to serve food that looks interesting. Continue reading “Overcoming Eating Difficult Child”

Meningitis Causes Mental Disabilities to Death

Meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain) primarily affects children. Actual disease is this? And how to prevent and mitigate them?

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane lining of part or all of the brain to the spinal cord or nerve tissue that is in the spine. This disease can affect all ages, from infants to seniors.

Causes of meningitis vary, can be caused by fungi, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. Meningitis caused by fungi, protozoa, and viruses known as serous. While that is caused by bacteria, known as purulent. Distinguish relatively not difficult, it can be seen in the colored clear serous bone marrow, whereas in bone marrow purulent muddy color.

Meningitis can also occur due to propagation of other diseases, such as inner ear infection, pneumonia, and others. Children are particularly at risk of developing meningitis as related to the level of personal hygiene. Meningitis in children should be aware that the symptoms can be vague and difficult to detect because the child can not express their grievances. Be careful, because the disease can be transmitted. While meningitis that occurs in adults is usually caused by a virus called hemophilud influenzae type b (Hib), and meningococc pneumococc. Continue reading “Meningitis Causes Mental Disabilities to Death”