Breastfeeding for mother and child

Benefits of breast milk (ASI) for the baby instead of things that need to be questioned again. But breast-feeding also appeared to bring benefits to the mother. What benefits can be given breast milk for mothers and children?

The benefits of breastfeeding for children include:

Complete nutritional needs and optimal infant development
Provide protection against a variety of statement,
Reduce the risk of allergy in infants with a family history of allergy
Breast milk can be drunk at any time (no waiting)
ASI enhance optimal brain development
Suckle directly from the mother’s nipples will make development of the jaws and teeth are good
Proximity to the mother will be developed
The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother include:

Reduce the likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage
Because mothers who breastfeed tend to not get a period in the first months, the possibility for the occurrence of postpartum anemia becomes smaller
Saves time because the mother does not have to bother cleaning and sterilizing bottles and also preparing milk
Easier when traveling because they do not need to bring supplies of infant formula, bottles, flasks of water and a variety of other equipment that troublesome
Greatly reducing the monthly cost to buy formula
Proximity of the child to the mother to be more in-depth
In the suspect can reduce the likelihood of breast and ovarian cancer. Therefore, while you can give exclusive breastfeeding.