CHDK: Canon Become Magic Pocket Camera Super Camera

If you have a Canon camera pont & shoot pocket alias alias such PowerSoot or Ixus pocket, know that the hack called CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) is you can turn the camera the ability to be great? If it was your Canon camera does not have RAW, now can. Not only that, CHDK can make Canon pocket camera has features such as motion-detection, time-lapse,, shutter speed from the 2048s until 1/60000s, bracketing, a live histogram you can even play some kind of games in the camera.

What is CHDK?
Canon Hack Development Kit aka CHDK is a firmware congenital extra sauce for your Canon camera. Why do I call the sauce, because it’s adding and enriching nature and does not replace the default firmware the camera, it’s also a non-permanent and non-destructive. This means that if you want to activate the CHDK does, can be done easily. Similarly, if you want to disable or remove it, also easily done. Installing CHDK can be done by copying some files to the memory card with the camera and delete the file automatically disappear CHDK.

Type of camera that can be installed
Almost all point & shoot camera canon origin compatible version of its firmware can be installed,

What You Need To Install CHDK?
Types of cameras and compatible firmware versions
SD memory card
SD card reader
How to Install?
1. Know your camera firmware version
How to know the version of firmware the camera is to create an empty file in your computer, rename the file ver.req. In Windows, right-click the desktop, select New -> Text File, through a rename of untitled.txt ver.req.
Insert a blank SD card into the reader, then copy ver.req into the SD card is. Insert the SD card into the camera, then turn on the camera as usual, change the mode Review / View, press and hold the Function / Set (FUNC.SET), then press and taham button Display (DISP). If successful your camera will display on the LCD for example firmaware version: Firmware Ver GM1.01B, it means that your camera firmware is 1.01B.
2. Download CHDK The appropriate
Download CHD according to the type and version of Canon pocket camera firmware version Choose small if you just want the main feature, with no additional features such as additional switch language or script, I heartily recommend Complete version.
If you’ve downloaded, unzip the file and copy it to SD Card camera, make sure you copy it to the main level of the SD Card, not into a folder.
Insert the SD card into the camera.
3. Enabling CHDK
Turn the camera in a fashion reviews / View, press MENU and then scroll to the bottom to see more options … Firmware Update Firmware Update Press SET and confirmation will appear, select OK then the camera will load CHDK.

Playing around with CHDK
With CHDK active camera is functioning normally, all the buttons also function as usual, except the Direct Print. Press the Direct Print button the camera will go into ALT mode (CHDK mode is active). When you are in the mode ALT (CHDK) will emerge a little ALT below the LCD.
When mode ALT, push MENU to see all the options in the CHDK operation, the options very much until game play options are also available (Menu> Misc> Games). Try playing around in the menu functions in ALT mode (CHDK).

How Do I Delete CHDK from the camera?
Turn off the camera.
Turn again. CHDK is not working, if you want to enable push MENU again scroll through Software Update, and then OK.
To permanently eliminate CHDK, insert the SD card into the reader, can see from the computer and delete any files that you unzipped in step earlier. Do not forget to move smeua photos stored on the SD Card to the computer first.
Okay, congratulations play.