Danger Behind Energy-Saving Lamp

By controlling the heat of the earth, while reducing electricity costs continue to grow, we are encouraged to switch to using light labeled ‘energy efficient’. In fact, according to the study, U.S. researchers studied recently, as quoted by LiveScience, use energy saving bulbs is dangerous to health, and even the risk of skin cancer.

Researchers from Stony Brook University in New York, found that energy-saving lamps, or in terms of sales is called Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL), ultraviolet radiation (UV) is very high, so as to endanger human skin cells. This is evidenced by the comparison method.

The research team exposes human skin cells with light from CFL bulbs, and compares the effects of a standard incandescent bulb. After investigation, it appears that the skin cells are exposed CFLs have more significant damage, rather than a standard incandescent bulb.

“The results show that energy-saving lamps can actually cause the death of the cell,” explains Marcia Simon, one of the researcher and professor of dermatology at Stony Brook University.

Researchers believe that the small cracks in the lining of the wrapper in the CFL bulb was responsible for the leaking of the UV radiation, so that the human skin and tissue damage. In fact, according to researchers, CFL bulbs contain a number of toxic substances, such as mercury, which is believed to cause neurological damage and other health risks.

Unfortunately, although the research has proved that, even similar study has also been published in examiner.com, in the middle of last year, CFL bulbs manufacturers only responded by revealing that the level of radiation emitted by the still relatively low, so the bulbs are safe to use everyday to-day.

Therefore, as a solution, you do not just focus on thinking about the high electricity bills every month alone. But, more to be wise and careful in choosing lighting source safe and healthy for you and your beloved family.

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