Fish salad – A memorable meal in Danang

If your adventure travel in Vietnam Danang takes you, then you are at right place. It was not only an educational center and commercial center of Vietnam, it is also within 100 km of the best sites and places you can visit in this country. Several World Heritage sites such as the ruins of My Son, Hoi An Ancient Town and the imperial city of Hue are easily accessible from this natural transportation hub, which you can visit on your Vietnam Tours consecutive reserved.

But perhaps the most memorable experience you can have in this fabulous city is a taste of their exotic dish called “Goi Ca” or fish salad. You’ve probably heard that if you have booked your best Vietnam Tours package and you might even. A taste of it to your side But if you have tasted a fish salad, tomato slices with lettuce leaves everything already limp mutilated and served with slices of tuna and a few whole shrimp swimming in mayonnaise, then you have not tasted the real thing! The fact is, you have the commercial offers that you can safely call cost “Western” version. If you want to taste the real Vietnam Goi Ca, then a Thai beach go together Son Tra Peninsula in Danang.

Aligned along the beach where the fishing boats are moored on the sidewalk brick itself several suppliers in real time Danang fish salad style. These vendors sell only “Goi Ca” and it tastes better than you online in most restaurants can control the range of Danang. The first reason is that it is the only thing they do. The second is that the freshest ingredients.

Faithful to the style of Vietnam food preparation, local ingredients, suppliers Danang fish salad using fresh mint and herbs in large quantities, onions, carrots, galangal, green mango and squid and fish caught by local fishermen again. With this variety of natural ingredients, prepare your taste buds complex Asian salad is anything but boring. The color of fresh produce is really attractive. You do not want to eat seal is needed to make your mouth water with anticipation. Imagine the table mint green, yellow, green, fresh sprouts, red and yellow peppers galangal. Place it on the white squid and fresh fish, meat and what you get is a festival of colors. The texture and the taste is incomparable, chilli and galangal, sour green mango, seafood salty sweet and the bitter taste of the fiber of the leaves is a tasty treat. Do not forget to wrap it in rice paper and dip in the sauce prepared locally before taking a bite, that mouth full of bursting flavors that do not describe with words.

If you also want your eyes and taste buds, grab some fish and salad you head south on the beach in the direction of My Khe Beach. Get your Vietnam Adventure Tours continue this way, you are fantastic views of the Son Tra peninsula be amazed at how you glaze Big Buddha on the opposite side. And how the lingering taste of “Goi Ca” cum in your mouth, take some pictures of you and your friends with the beautiful sea east of Vietnam in the background.

Welcome to Danang, the city with the most beautiful holiday culinary adventures through Vietnam Tours.

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