How Long Will Survive Mother Antibodies in Infants?

Generally not long. But it’s not a big deal. The tiny baby is now able to produce its own antibodies. Period after birth is a period where he had to build his own body resistance. He could no longer depend on her.

The digestive system is one of the weak points of the baby since she has not been able to produce IgA is well able to withstand the attacks of germs. Once again the mother will come help. Mom would give Colostrum (milk that comes out on the first days after birth) were filled with IgA. This supply will continue to come baby when he gets milk from his mother.

However, the body’s defense system is still not too strong. Because of that, he needs to be introduced with germs via a secure way. This is the reason why immunization should be carried out.

Immunizations given to infants so that he can avoid the various diseases that can lead to disability and even death. Infants are immunized still may be exposed to diseases (related to immunizations given), but when exposed, the disease generally occurs will be lighter and faster recovery.