How To Adjust Sharpening In Camera?

Easy and quick way to add to the sharpness of images is one of them by setting the sharpening settings on your camera. There are several things to consider before sharpening in-camera settings, such as:
Different types of photos require different sharpening strength, if you apply sharpening the possibility that too many will actually worsen the quality of the picture
If you shoot in RAW format, then the sharpening settings will not apply. Sharpening the camera will only apply when you are shooting in JPEG. Why? the answer is look at JPEG vs. RAW this article.
With the above two considerations already know, here’s how sharpening settings in the camera. For this time we take the example of Nikon DSLR cameras. The process for setting sharpening for Canon cameras pretty similar, you can use menu Picture Style in Canon DSLR.

Step 1. Go to the Picture Control
Go to the menu, then go to the Shooting menu. From there pili Set Picture Control. There will be six preset Picture Control. Choose one of the presets that you frequently use, then push the right button so it goes to the option Quick Adjust.
Step 2. Modification
Here we are given a choice of five levels of modification, each Sharpening, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Hue.






Step 3. Sharpening Set
Push the button down to choose the direction of sharpening, and sharpening change manually. There are 10 levels sharpening setting, a small yellow line below is the original sharpening setting suppose you want to restore to its original sharpening settings. Quite up here is already done, but if you want extra, read





Step 4. See Figure
By pressing the button with a picture of a magnifying glass along with the “-” button, you will be taken to a graphical display like this:






The vertical axis indicates the contrast, the higher the position of M (because here I wear Monochrome settings (M), the sharper the image, just keep in mind that sometimes excessively sharp photo natural invisible.
Please try.