How to Use the Manual Focus and When to Use It?

Why should know how to use manual focus (M or MF)? ‘s already in advanced autofocus camera with the latest technology? Well, we never know when it will need manual focus, sometimes while being screwed autofocus can be “hunting” the focal point here and there. Manual focus can be a helper.
Digress a little, you know that some expensive lenses such as Leica or Carl Zeiss autofocus just does not have this feature?
When to Use Manual Focus?
Macro photographers tend to use manual focus because it is difficult to lock the focus when the subject of the photo is only 20cm in front of the lens. Similarly, when we are shooting in tricky conditions, such as when photographing subjects that are behind glass, or when we are photographing moving subjects very quickly and we can only predict the focal point of going where directed this subject would be.

How to Perform Manual Focus?
First step. Switch to M
First set the focus position of the lens, you will see the marking is marked M / A or AF / MF on the lens, change in the position of M.

Step 2. Rotate the focusing ring
To determine the focus, we simply rotate the focusing ring. In lenses usually have two rings that can play, if one change the zoom then the other is focusing ring, rotate the latter while peering eye in the viewfinder. Sometimes we have to play the right and left while making sure we focus on the area you want really sharp.

Step 3. Use the Distance Scale
The lens has a distance scale alias distance scales on her body to help us focus manually, sometimes when shooting in dark conditions this distance scale will help us predict where the next focusing ring should be rotated.

Step 4. Take advantage of LCD Screen For Checking Sharpness
To check how sharp the picture, check the image on the LCD screen and zoom to large and navigate in the area that we wanted to focus sharply. Usually when photographing faces, we have to check the sharpness of the eye area. Zoom eye area and repeat the shooting if the results are not sharp.

Manual focus very directly proportional to the hours flown, the more trained the sooner we can do that and result also more accurate. Sometimes even veteran photographers lock focus with manual focus in less than one second. Good luck.