Improve Psychic Abilities Children

Area of ​​the brain is the most important area that should be protected from injury or certain diseases that attack. What to do? Protection what can she give?

Look out! Protect your child’s brain:

Avoid measles. Although visible light, the disease may be the leading cause of children’s learning difficulties, personality disorders and even mental retardation behavior.
Take care and give children routine vaccinations are necessary.
Help prevent accidents that could injure a child’s brain. Up and down stairs, up and up to the table, traveling with a vehicle without securing the child, etc..
Protect children from toxins that damage the brain. For example, lead, which is often found in paints, toys, paper, household items, pencils, etc.
Ready your child socialize?
For toddlers, the interest to establish a new relationship with another person to appear before the age of 24 months and the beginning of this process will continue to evolve almost all his life.

However, this social interaction is not easy to do. It takes full guidance and opportunities that a lot of parents, for everything to go smoothly.

Cultivate the ability friends
Children’s ability to relate with peers at an early age is one aspect that affects the child’s ability to get along in the next age. Though at an early age the child does not have enough empathy for her to be able to play together. For them, the only people who should care about is himself.

Therefore, parents can help keep kids are “antisocial” in the further development, will be able to share and work together, sensitive to the feelings of others and to resolve conflict without being aggressive.