In order for Babies Healthy and Smart

Want your child grow up healthy and smart? Prepare the nutritional status of children from the time of your pregnancy. Good nutrition is certainly instrumental in achieving optimal body growth. This growing body of optimal brain growth also includes the crucial intelligence.

Period of brain growth is the fastest in the final trimester when the fetus is in the womb, until the baby is 18 months old. After that the brain is still growing at a rate of diminishing until the age of 5 years. Therefore, the age of the children is extremely vulnerable to malnutrition conditions. Recent research showed, improper feeding during the per-over can cause malnutrition.

Results of research conducted on children in Asia shows that growth reduction (weak, susceptible to infection) increased during the sapling, from age 6 to 18 months. Sapling complete meal should contain solid or semi-solid food and milk should contain to meet the caloric needs, as well as the complete protein needs.

Basically, as we age the child is, the variety of food provided should be nutritionally complete and balanced. Important role these nutrients to support the growth and development of children, including for intelligence support. In terms of the pattern of food consumption, parents have a very important role in choosing the type of a nutritionally balanced diet.

According to nutrition expert Dr. Elvina Naidoo, food for children should meet the adequacy of energy and all nutrients. Carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats should be given in the amount of balance. An arrangement consistent with the patterns balanced diet, eating habits and the child’s appetite. As well as the shape and the portions should also be adapted to receive power, tolerance and the state of the child’s body. Another thing that is equally important is to maintain food hygiene.

Groups of food energy derived from substances can be obtained from foods containing carbohydrates, such as rice, corn, bread, potatoes, noodles, vermicelli, macaroni, cassava, yams and sugar.
While the food is sourced from regulators foods containing protein, such as animal protein (fish, eggs, meat, chicken, milk, cheese) vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh). Food of the two groups is that according to nutrition experts are useful for the formation, growth and maintenance of body cells.

In children who are growing, the protein plays an important role, in order to achieve optimal growth. Because it must be met every day through everyday foods.

So, to meet the needs of your baby, consider the nutritional intake, starting in the womb until the first three years of age.