LCD Screen Digital Camera? Anything You Need to Know

Aka LDC screen LCD screen on the back of a good digital camera DSLR, mirrorless or compact cameras increasingly important. It is important for us to interact with him a lot when shooting. Even for mirrorless cameras or compact cameras, the LCD screen has a vital role because some of them most are not equipped with an optical viewfinder.

Given the important role of the on camera LCD screen, here are some of the most important features that should be owned by the LCD screen, especially when you know you want to buy a camera:

How Big Size LCD Screen it?
It is important that the LCD screen has a size that is not very small, the current range of the optimal size of the LCD screen is about 2 – 3.5 inches (measured diagonally).
How The Light and How Clear As We See it during the day?
The more light the better LCD because it allows us to see under the sun. LCD screen with backlit kind transfelctive using a combination of ambient and reflected light to display an image that is clear though day. If you do a lot of outdoor shooting features are very important.
Refresh Rate What is it?
Refresh rate is a measure of how frequently updated picture on the LCD screen. The LCD screen has a lower refresh rate resulting images appear to falter when we move the camera.
How Performance In dim conditions?
If you love taking pictures at night (night shot), then you need a digital camera that has an optical viewfinder because it is likely the LCD screen will look very dark at night. However, some cameras also have special features that make the image on the LCD screen appear brighter even though the object of dark photos. The special feature is that it is helpful when shooting night.
How widespread coverage of LCD?
Most LCD viewfinder has 95% coverage – 98% of the objects that will be photos. Coverage is less than this you should avoid.
Antireflective coating
This feature makes it easier to view the LCD sun, because it is eliminating the reflection of sunlight into our eyes.
Brightness Control
This feature possible we adjust the LCD brightness. Even LCD screen is too bright add battery consumption, but during the day can really help visibility.
Tilting and swiveling
The camera makes the LCD screen with its swiveling and tilting allows us to shoot from difficult angles though. If this is important to your shooting style, is certainly an added value.
Touchscreen or Touch Screen
Modern cameras provide features a touchscreen as a tool of our interactions with the LCD screen. This feature greatly helps us perform fast focusing or set the camera more easily.