Lens Nikon 300mm f / 4 Reviews

Nikon 300mm f4 lens is a professional super-telephoto lenses are very attractive to own. Nikon products known for high performance telephoto lens and the reason that this is the first brand to look for when buying a new lens. Nikon lens comes with standard features such as internal technology focus, do not drain the battery when using the manual focus camera and a one year warranty.
Nikon 300mm f4 lens construction consists of eight elements in six groups, and designed with Nikon F-Bayonet Mount System. This lens has a minimum 0.27x magnification, a built-in lens hood and provide perspective about eight degrees. Coverage opening is from f / 4 to f / 22 and a minimum focus distance of about 15 cm. Length is about 21.8 cm long, 8.8 cm in maximum diameter and weighs approximately 0:48 kg.
Nikon lens is very stable when the focus as Silent Wave Motor technology and fast focus. With his ability, Nikon lens is capable of capturing sporting events, nature photography and other types of on-the-go. Nikon Super Integrated Coating is claimed to provide superior optical performance while reducing instances of lens flare.
actually benefit from nikon 300mm lens f / 4 lens is to whom is addressed. Easy setup on a tripod Nikon lens is great for journalists and sports photographers. Focus internal refocusing does not change the size of the lens, which provides a focus at close range. M / A mode allows the user to change between manual and auto focus quickly and effectively.
For professional photographers who need a super-telephoto lens to capture the perfect distance, Nikon lens is right for you.
Nikon 300mm f4 lens is a great addition to the collection lens expert or professional photographer, or simply want to learn to prepare a budget of approximately U.S. $ 1.494 . The biggest drawback to the nikon lens is the weight and the price is very expensive.