Little talent of learning styles

In the science of child development can be concluded that a child shows a pattern when he learned something. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the habits of the young so that you can know the talent he has and could in the future in order to develop optimally steer. Here’s the explanation!

Linguistic intelligence learning styles:

Compose a poem, summarizes lessons, writing historical narratives
Like to talk at length and story
Love the quirk
Likes to read books
Quickly capture lessons conveyed through narrative
Logical mathematical intelligence learning styles:

Liked math lesson
Easy to understand how the computer
Like to think about things and events related causal
Clever play chess, checkers and many other strategic games
Lays out everything logically
Quickly understand science and mathematics
Likes to experiment on what you want to know
Spatial learning style:

Prominent in the arts
Able to visually illustrate everything
Easy to read maps, graphs and diagrams
Drawing figures of people or objects in the original
Glad to see the film, slides or photos
Jigzaw liked puzzles, maze and puzzle
Preoccupied with the construction of three-dimensional games, such as Lego
Accustomed to doodle when bored
It’s easier to read images than words
KINESTHETIC learning styles-kinesthetic intelligence:

Competitive in sports
Like to move their limbs outside of conscious
Really want to touch the object being studied
Athletic movement or just enjoy watching it
More capable in the field of handicrafts fine motor
Enjoys imitating the movements and habits
Love to disassemble and rearrange objects
Musical intelligence learning styles:

Easy to follow melody song
Loved music and singing lessons
Enjoy learning with musical accompaniment
Likes to sing either played or not
Easy to music
Sensitive to a variety of sounds, rhythms and tones
Quickly respond to various types of music
Intrapersonal intelligence learning styles:

Pleasing clever friend
Easily adapt to new environments and people
Love to socialize with the school and home environment
Liked the group activities and games
Able to understand and empathize with the feelings of a friend
Able to remain neutral in the dispute between friends
Having the ability to coordinate and lead his friends
Natural intelligence learning styles:

Sensitive to natural objects
Keep animals like pets
Like gardening, is near the garden or enjoy the picture
Enjoying life like aquarium system
Collecting images, photos related to natural objects
Like to collect and bring home the leaves, stems, twigs, grass or flowers
Likes to play around and be creative with natural materials