Not All Children Equal …

Growth and development in children 1 to 2 years is unique, because every child has the time-table of his own. Each child has their own pace.

Every child is born with a different genetic make-up and brought up in different situations. Including if they are twins though. Therefore, it’s not unusual if they grow up with a lot of differences when they were toddlers. In 1 to 2 years of age, most children learn to walk, talk, solve problems, relate to others, and so on. In that case they will demonstrate its uniqueness compared to other children. For instance, there are children who can not run smoothly, and has a vocabulary which is low compared with other children, but he has outstanding ability in dealing with others.

The following characteristics of growth and development of children aged 2 years (but not necessarily pegged on this list, because every child has the uniqueness of each):

Children become more active than in previous years. Children are able to walk, run, climb, up and down stairs alone, and digging activities. They’ve been able to throw the ball and kick the ball forward. They are able to jump in with both feet, and toes. They can take something so much and then return it back. Opening and closing containers. They have started to use the toilet and interested feel uncomfortable if she was wearing a wet diaper.

Socially and emotionally
They began to play themselves by pretending, without involving anyone else. Selfish, difficult to share with others, however, like to play close to their peers. Glad to say no. Sometimes doing something contrary to what he was told. They love to imitate adult behavior, wanted to do household chores. Has an easy feeling frustrated. Do not want to be helped, more confident than the previous year, and they still need a sense of security.

They’ve been able to follow simple commands. Been able to combine 3 or more words. They are able to combine 3 or more words. They are able to express their feelings and desires. Using certain objects to represent other objects. Still very limited attention span, can be given a short rhyme, can follow simple song, start to think before acting, although very difficult to determine the choice of want.