Overcoming Eating Difficult Child

The little that is difficult to eat, it will make Mom dizzy. Because if it lasts a long time, it will affect the growth and development of children. Therefore, try some of the following ways. Hopefully the problem can be quickly resolved.

Note the feeding schedule. Make sure not too close to the time of drinking milk, juice, snacks and main meals. The food is more easily given if he was hungry.
Vary your baby’s menu with a collection of various recipes. See his reaction. If there is a favorite recipe, mark immediately in order to give her more often.
Replace dining atmosphere, for example, he usually ate in the dining room or play room, take it out of the house, sitting in the garden or eating together peers.
Choose cutlery are varied and cute with bright colors Try to serve food that looks interesting.
Give it a bowl / dish yourself, pour a little food, and let him take his own food and bribe him. While occasionally you enter a chance to sneak food into his mouth.
Do not force her to eat because it will make trauma. Make sure the atmosphere is fun for him. As with adults, there are times when he is not so keen to eat. Then let him eat half portion only once. Cover the pudding nutritional deficiencies by giving him or distraction that he liked.

If necessary, ask your appetite enhancer vitamins for children after consulting the doctor. Better not give vitamin without doctor’s instructions.