Professional Technicians Use Special Methods to Apply Paint Over Metal

It’s surprising to think of how many brightly colored products are taken for granted when they’re purchased. People don’t think about who completed the painted colors over the aluminum or steel. It’s just another purchase they’re making at the big box stores, whether they’re outdoor swings, tools, patio furniture, or a child’s rocking chair. Little do they know that the product had a powder coating applied to it, was baked and cured to perfection before sending it to the company that ordered the service. There’s quite a bit that goes into creating an attractive piece of metal before it’s sent back to satisfied clients.

First of all, the company that does the powder coating has to examine which type of metal it is and use various methods of extreme heat to seal the painted coating onto the product. They bake the product in camel back ovens, radiant heat, or a box oven, depending on the size or delicate nature of the item. The powder coating companies utilize the most advanced, modern technology available to apply electrostatic powder coating. This means the powder paint particles are electrically charged and adhere to the metal. Then, they are baked at the perfect degree, checked on every 6 minutes, which assure perfection and obtains the desired smoothness, shine and feel.

The companies that perform these services classify keeping the environment safe as an all important feat. They make sure all employees know the standards they’ve set in maintaining strict safety rules that must constantly be followed. Building up a reputation that’s second to none, from the first phone call to the shipment of products, with no flaws, is the goal of powder coating companies in the UK. They follow through with promises and always do exactly what they say they’ll do for their customers.

Manufacturing companies have to monitor their profit and loss statements carefully. When they need a powder coating company to prepare, coat, cure and ship their products very quickly, they usually call on one of the premier and well known companies in the area. By calling on the best, they’ll be assured of having their products delivered on time every time.

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