Quick Tips: How to Safely Store Lens and Body Covers

When removing the lens of the camera and camera bag, what do we do first? We always open the body (body cap) in front of the camera and open the back cover of the lens (lens rear cap) from the back end of the lens. At that time we unknowingly hold two things are the main source of dust that can enter directly into the camera sensor. How do we keep both cap was often the difference between a sensor that is always clean and a dirty sensor.

Imagine if we keep body cap pocket pants, a place where a lot of dust that can be attached to the cap. Then when we would put her back was to the camera body cap, then a lot of dirt will fall to the sensor, horror is not it? Similarly, lens cap, if exposed to a lot of dirt inside the rear lens will also be contaminated which could ultimately fall to fall sensor.
Well actually a safe way to store the body cap and rear lens cap is easy. Simply we attach them, turn up to the meeting, then the second part of the cap will be protected from dirt and dust. Only then can pocket, you throw them into a camera bag or anything else, the important part of it tightly.
Easy is not it?