Sports Can Cause Tear Hymen

For most women, virginity is a treasure that must be preserved as possible. In addition, many women who just want to give her virginity to her husband as a beautiful gift.

There are many women who think that if the hymen has been torn then he already lost my virginity, but it is not like that fact. Because exercise and weight training can also make a torn hymen.

The hymen is a thin tissue that covers the vaginal canal. Membrane will usually torn when women have sex for the first time, even masturbation can cause tearing of the hymen. Tearing of the hymen is characterized by mild bleeding and pain.

The hymen play an important role in sexual relations, because the hymen is strictly considered more enjoyable for him. However, there are some imperfect hymen. If you are an athlete or a lot of exercise, the hymen can be stretched.

As reported by Indiansutras, there are some exercises or sports that can make a hymen is not perfect, which are as follows:

Stretching exercises with second legs wide open.
Swim, but depending on the pressure exerted on the pelvic floor muscles.
Cycling, being able to stretch the pelvic muscles and gradually make tearing the hymen.
Horseback riding, friction on the saddle to provide pressure on the pelvic floor muscles and hymen.
Gym, depending on stretching and applied pressure to the hymen.
Although the hymen can be torn as some sport, does not mean you lose your virginity. The absence of the hymen is not an indication that the woman is not a virgin. Because some sports and exercise are able to stretch the pelvic muscles but does not cause bleeding, this is why a woman’s vagina is not issued on the first night lovemaking.

So, you no longer need to feel lost virginity because the hymen is torn during exercise.