Super Fruits to Improve Healthcare Quality

In order to improve health care quality of life, many people have been trying to find different sources of foods that have high nutritional content. Experts working in the field of health and nutrition, the more often do research on new fruits, to find a “super fruit”, fruit contains nutrients and other substances that are useful to the body.

Here are some fruits that are considered a “super fruit” by experts

Pitaya fruit is a fruit that grows in Mexico, as well as in some areas of Central and South America. Fruit is also another name dragon fruit, has a very sweet taste. This fruit also contains fiber and anti-oxidants are quite high. No wonder if the dragon fruit often be excellent for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“The fruit has a fairly low sugar content,” said Eric Helms, founder of Juice bar in New York and provides dragon fruit juice called Pink Pitaya. “Therefore, the fruit is very healthy to eat. Mixed (juice) and coconut dragon fruit is also very suitable. Many consumers love it. ”

Fruit Baobab (Baobab Fruit)

This fruit is very strange in the ears of Indonesian society, but experts say that the fruits which are found in the continent of Africa contains vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial for the body.

In some studies, the experts say that the Baobab fruit contains vitamin C which is very high. In addition, omega-3 fat content is also very beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart, brain, and eyes.

“Fruits are beneficial to health, such as baobab, has long been spread all over the earth. We should be grateful to the internet, because in the end we know the positive benefits of baobab fruit, “said nutrition expert David Wolfe. “Fruit (baobab) it tastes good and beneficial, an incredible combination.”

Gac fruit (Gac Fruit)

The fruit that is bright red in color, come from Vietnam and other areas of Southeast Asia. Gac fruit is also thought to have anti-oxidant content is high. Some claim that this fruit contains 70 times more antioxidant lycopene than a tomato.

Carotenoid lycopene itself is a substance that is considered to reduce a person’s risk of heart attack, cancer, and other diseases. Lycopene is found in fruits and vegetables red, like tomato and papaya.

Mangosteen Fruit

The fruit is native to Indonesia has a very sweet taste. In addition, the mangosteen fruit is also shown to have a lot of nutritional content, either in the flesh is white, also in the outer skin purple. Both sections contain vitamin A and vitamin C are very high.

“Normally, you would not eat the outer skin of the fruit. You will peel an orange and throw the skin into the trash, “said David Wolfe, as quotes from Time. “But the mangosteen rind is considered to have the ‘power’ of its own. In Southeast Asia, mangosteen rind called contains that can strengthen the immune system and used as herbal medicines. ”

The presumption is not wrong, because the experts have discovered that the skin of the mangosteen fruit does contain an anti-cancer agent, as well as substances that can prevent inflammation and infection. However, in one study to another, mangosteen rind in fact have side effects. One of the substances in it can slow the process of blood clotting. So, you still have to be careful.