To Everywhere Together, Is Love Child?

Children only familiar with his person of the opposite sex. Where there is Adi (3 years), there must be a Ira (3 years) … Even the stingy Adi, always lend toys to Ria. Could it be that the child fell in love with the opposite sex in the age that is still too early?

According to experts, when the child was 2 years old, she understands that her parents not you do anything for their welfare, and it made him feel happy, satisfied, and comfortable. Complacency is what they call â €?? Cintaâ €??. When they turned 3 years old, children begin to understand the discipline imposed parents is a sign of love. And the perception right. By applying the security boundaries and not letting them lose control, parents actually prove that they are protecting the middle child from harm and reduce fearful emotions experienced by children. When they are 4 years old, children begin to feel that in addition to hugs and caresses, love can also be expressed in words. The parents are supposed to express the love through words.

If your child behaves like Adi and Ira, probably crossed your mind, that the child is in love? According to experts, children are able to distinguish between the love for her parents and the love that exists between parents. Children are also aware of their romantic feelings toward others. They can be attracted to other people and express them by mimicking their parents express love to each other. At that moment, they began to act against the couple, mainrumah-home, pretending to be married. Such relationships expressing pure feelings of children. Love the new monkey will appear at children aged 6 to 7 years.

What happened between Adi and Ira occurs in most children his age. Research in the U.S. found that about 2/3 children aged 3 to 4 years who were investigated with same-sex friends. Choice of friends with the same sex may be related to similarity search in friends. Feelings that can reassure children of their age. Experts also acknowledge the friendship of men and women that occurred during the preschool and kindergarten. It could also be due to the similarity between their style of play.