What Is a mirrorless camera

Aka mirrorless camera mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (MILC) or Without Mirror Camera With Lens That Can Replace-change (what’s that acronym in Indonesian?) Alias alias Electronics Compact System Camera with Interchangeable Lens Viewfinder (EVIL)-duh term loads – is one class of digital camera systems began to rise in popularity since it first emerged around 2008. The short answer to the question “What is the mirrorless camera?” Is a DSLR-like camera but do not wear makeup. Now for the long answer, please read more.
Not long ago the classic question, “What camera should I buy? ‘Has a relatively simple answer but have severe consequences: like a DSLR camera or pocket camera?. If priority is the quality of the best photo, speed and full manual control, the choice DSLR camera. Meanwhile, if our priority is the size of a small, light, easy to use, affordable price then the choice fell to sacrifice quality pocket camera with a sizable photo.
The middle way is also trying raised by camera manufacturers to grade superzoom cameras, superzoom cameras although still far from ideal for a middle road cameras given the small size of the sensor. You can read more differences DSLR Camera, Pocket Camera and Camera superzoom here.
Camera Middle Way
But since released mirrorless cameras, many people assume that the ideal middle ground has begun to look at him. Camera mirrolessĀ  characterized as:
Relatively smaller size and compact
Much lighter
The picture quality is not very far from DSLR
DSLR sensor size equivalent of a middle class
Have the option of changing lenses
Price not as expensive as a DSLR camera (mmm, except Leica and Fujifilm X)
Options mirrorless camera
At the time of this writing (July 2012), commercially available multiple options mirrorless camera system, there are at least seven types of camera systems from virtually all manufacturers except Canon cameras (in Indonesia, Epson and Ricoh brands are rarely available). They are:
Leica M
Micro Four-Third: OMD and Olympus PEN
Micro four third: Panasonic G
Samsung NX
Sony NEX
Nikon 1
Pentax Q and K
Fujifilm X
It Matangkah mirrorless camera system?
Buying a mirrorless camera is also the same as buying a DSLR camera, we need to establish a complete camera system: buy the camera body itself, buy the appropriate lens and accessories. Therefore, we consider it as a long term investment.
If Digital SLR (DSLR) have been around 15 years ago and the film SLR systems have been around 50 years ago, the new mirrorless cameras there since 3 or 4 years ago (see alias name so much right?), So still be many breakthroughs and improvements to be made. Especially the problem of speed, accuracy and viewfinder. What is clear camera mirroless increasingly popular (just look at the camera store) and have a special attraction to recall a more compact package so palatable to carry anywhere, they are able to produce images that are also good and has a DSLR-style controls.