What makes a good olive oil?

Pure Olive Oil and Olive Light is not so, the names. The first is made with a finishing process of inferior quality, while the second is simply lighter in color and flavor and is not in the fat, as some people may think small.
On your next trip to the supermarket to buy a good quality olive oil you read the labels, which should be clearly identified and classified according to the International Olive Council (IOC).
A good olive oil starts with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) quality. Top of the olive oil that is produced from the first pressing of olives by physical means or by centrifugation, and there must be no refined oils In addition, it has less than 0.8% acid ( FFA). For centuries, health experts have advocated the consumption of olive oil, in preference to other cooking oils. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has more antioxidants and can reduce the production of bad cholesterol, relieve indigestion and also help. The risk of chronic diseases, including cancer
Then it s virgin olive oil, extra virgin is similar, but with a slightly higher acidity (less than 2%). Similarly, virgin olive oil contains no refined oil. Then we come to the olive oil mixed town, which is often cheaper because it contains mainly refined oil mixed with olive oil. This adds a sweeter taste and a sweet flavor and is up 3.3% free fatty acids. Pure olive oil is good for cooking and frying, and contains less antioxidants.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil should show properties of fruity olive oil as a natural fruit juice. Good oils should have a good balance of fruit, spice and bitterness, and must be fresh in particular.
Australians develop their own olives in some parts of the country. One of the most respected winemakers in the Pukara Estate Upper Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Mild winters, olives and the rest before the long, hot summer following, and retrieve these conditions and the terrain, provide the ideal environment to develop high quality olives.
Pukara Estate many prestigious awards won by Australia for their products since 2003, which shows their special quality. They distribute their products throughout Australia and gastronomy, including a gourmet food store and online fine, where you can in a few clicks a wide range of olive oils upscale dinners for special occasions can acquire.