Your Little Growth (9-24 months)

This is the next stage of growth and development of your little one (9 to 24 months). The little guy has been getting bigger and abilities have also increased. Whether the development is in accordance with the steps below?

9-12 months

Can stand alone without assistance.
Can run led.
Imitating the sound.
Repeat the sound is heard / learned to say one or two words.
Understand commands / simple ban.
Always explore and incorporate all the objects into his mouth.
Participate in the game.
12-18 months

Walking and exploring the house and around the house.
Arrange 2 or 3 boxes.
Say 5 to 10 words.
Show jealousy and a sense of competitive
18-24 months

Up and down stairs.
Compiling 6 boxes.
Eyes and pointed nose.
Construct a sentence with 2 words.
Learn to feed themselves.
Learning to control urination / large.
What the interested people bigger.
Play around with the other kids.